OUTniagara Trans and Intersex Health Research Consultant Posting


Position:  Trans and Intersex Health Research Consultant

Tentative Start Date: December 2022

End Date: January 31, 2023 (tentatively)

Location: Niagara region

Position Type: Contract


Deadline to submit proposal: Friday, November 11, 2022 at 4:30pm ET


Summary of Role

Working with OUTniagara’s Board of Directors, Project Coordinator, and Project Assistant, the Consultant will work within an anti-oppression, anti-racism, equity, and inclusion lens to create a specific set of resources related to health services for trans and Intersex individuals.


You do not need to have a formal consulting firm, agency, or business to be considered a qualified candidate for this position. Likewise, studies have shown that candidates from historically and currently marginalized and targeted groups are less likely to apply to opportunities unless they meet every single qualification in the posting. OUTniagara is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment so we strongly encourage you to submit even if you don’t believe you meet every single qualification outlined.


OUTniagara is committed to being an equity driven, volunteer-run organization. In addition to the personal and professional experience within Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, transgender, gender non-conforming/ non-binary, queer, questioning, Intersex, and asexual/ demisexual communities, the OUTniagara selection committee will be prioritizing candidates from historically and presently excluded and marginalized communities and identities, such as (but not limited to): Indigenous, Black, melanated/racialized/ those from the global majority, disabled, HIV positive, parents/ caregivers, and people with lived experience of poverty, mental illness, homelessness/ houselessness. We are seeking out the best fit for this project.



  • Personal experiences within and/or extensive experience working with 2S & LGBTQQIA+ communities, specifically in fields related to trans and Intersex health fields
  • Understanding of the findings and recommendations within OUTniagara’s 2SLGBTQQIA+ Community Strengths and Needs Assessment Report
  • Understanding of the geographic and demographic makeup of the Niagara region
  • Extensive understanding of public and private health care services, especially related to Trans and Intersex health services and options
  • Professional, volunteer, or other relevant experience with research, and outreach to health care providers
  • Professional, volunteer, or other relevant experience with social media campaign development is an asset
  • Professional, volunteer, or other relevant experience with community advocacy and communication resources
  • Proficiency (written and verbal) in English. French and any additional language proficiencies will also be viewed as an asset.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will lead the Trans Health and Well-Being Education component of this project which includes researching, developing, designing, and publishing comprehensive resources, education tools, outreach strategy, and action plan recommendations for OUTniagara. Though the Consultant will report directly to the Board, they will work in collaboration with the Project Coordinator, Project Assistant, relevant Committees of the Board, the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), and other community partners to complete the required deliverables.


In particular, the Consultant will complete the following deliverables by the conclusion of their contract:

  • Review past trans health information reports and research, lists of partner organizations, policies, assets, and tools to assess current state of Trans Health services in Niagara.
  • Work with the OUTniagara Environmental Scan Consultant to review current strategies for communication and connection with service providers and agencies
  • Conduct environmental scan of identified topics and priorities related to trans health in Niagara
    • All public and private healthcare providers in Niagara, including physicians, specialists, pharmacies, dentists, mental health services, etc.
    • A comprehensive list of all trans-specific procedures that might be needed by trans members of our communities
    • A comprehensive list of all intersex-specific procedures that might be needed by Intersex members of our communities
    • A comprehensive list of all trans-specific and Intersex services available in Niagara (and southern Ontario, if needed)
    • Services available at Brock University, Niagara College, and any private post-secondary institutions, as well as related health insurance plans
    • A list of union locals and employers who incorporate trans health services into their Collective Agreements or employee health benefits, and/or any other trans health benefits resources available to employers
  • Collaborate with other consultants and teams within OUTniagara, as well as any key community services and/or internal stakeholders regarding trans health care and services across Niagara
  • Work with the QTBIPOC Relations & Engagement Consultant and Community and Diversity Committee to review research and ensure that health gaps faced by Two Spirit and queer, and/or trans Black people, Indigenous people, people of colour, racialized people, melanated people, and people of the global majority are noted and prioritized
  • Review existing OUTniagara self-education resources to identify any gaps related to trans and Intersex health
  • Create a set of self-advocacy dialoguing resources for improving communication between patients and service providers
  • Collaborate with the Communications Committee to develop content for a social media campaign specific to the realities of trans and Intersex health care in Niagara


Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments

The total amount quoted shall be the Consultant’s all-inclusive fee (professional fee, mileage, incidentals, and any other applicable cost that may be possibly incurred by the consultant in completing the assignment). OUTniagara has a limited budget for French translation/facilitation, graphic design, and printing. Any payment schedule will be agreed upon and outlined in the consultant’s contract prior to beginning the work.


As this work is generously funded through Women and Gender Equality Canada, the budget constrained to the consultant fee guidelines laid out at $750 per day. We anticipate an equivalent of 8 days and a maximum budget available of $6,000.00.



Recommended Presentation of Offer

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualification:

  1. Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability
  2. Personal resume, indicating all experience from similar projects as well as personal information
  3. Technical proposal (maximum 3 pages), including a) a brief description of why the individual considers themself as the most suitable for the assignment; and b) methodology on how they will approach and complete the assignment.
  4. Financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs



Incomplete proposals may not be considered.


Any questions can be directed to Kerry Goring or Jennifer Wallace at chair@outniagara.ca .


Deadline for applications: Friday, November 11, 2022 at 4:30pm EDT


The Selection Committee will be contacting all applicable candidates for further discussions as necessary and providing decisions as early as November 21, 2022.


Please forward Presentation of Offer to: Kerry Goring, Co-Chair OUTniagara

E-mail: chair@outniagara.ca

Subject Line: Presentation of Offer: Trans & Intersex Health Research Consultant